White Box Kids Photography is all about creating a fun, playful and modern portrait package for young children, and also for the not so young.

Creating fun, unique, timeless portrait collages in a big white box. There is so much fun to be had in a big white box. The kids have a blast playing around inside the big white box, showing off their tricks and their smiles says it all!  We snap away at every opportunity to capture the laughs and fun while they just enjoy the whole experience. Sometimes they want to just keep on playing around in there!

White Box Photos is not only for little kids, it’s fun for all ages. We can custom design your collage to suit your individual requirements, whether it be a collage of one person or the entire extended family. Our designers will work in consultation with you.

Photography Studio located in Menai.    Bookings are essential.    Contact us to book your session.

For more infomation call mobile: 0412 599867  or  Email: info@whiteboxkids.com.au